Sunday, August 1, 2010

Letters, Letters, Letters!!!

One of Sister Carey's friends emailed me her letters from Sister Carey. She though would be nice to post them on the blog for everyone to see. I've deleted all the personal parts meant for her, but there is still a lot of interesting tid-bits from Sister Carey's life in what remains. Thanks so much Ashley for sharing these and I'm sorry I'm so behind on posting them.

(Letter # 1 - June 27, 2010)
Dear Ashley!
…German is cool too though; I'm getting much better too. Learning languages is hard! But it's okay, I'll be fluent eventually, then I'm going to learn French. I've decided that's going to be my next major undertaking. I'm so jealous of all the Europeans that can speak 4 or 5 different languages. That's really pretty common here. I’ve almost completely forgotten all the Italian I learned. I can occasionally remember a word or two if I try really hard. I am seriously really glad I'm not there right now. Having time off from school is the best thing ever, especially because I don't have to feel bad about it!

… I am running every morning. It’s not my favorite thing but that’s only because I’m still in terrible shape! When it rains we run the stairs in our apartment building. 12 stories! It’s just like being back in the library! I’ll be in good shape by the time I get back so now you just have to get in good hiking shape and we’ll be set!

So Germany is amazing and I’m having the time of my life. This is by far the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m just learning tons! Plus in the process I’m learning how to actually speak German. It’s unbelievable. I’m just in a new world of happy. Even when I’m depressed I’m happy. It makes no sense and I don’t really understand it but I love it! Hope Ohio’s super and you’re super too!

Bundles o’ love from
Sister Carey!
(Letter #2 - July 12, 2010)
Dear Ashley,
I’m so glad I could make you happy. I know getting an actual hand written letter is about the coolest thing ever. Especially a fancy letter covered in German stamps! ... I’m actually getting a tan for the first time in my life. It may have turned more into a burn yesterday but that’s not too unusual, it’ll fade eventually.

So I wake up every morning at 6:30, Germany is really far North so the sun rises really early (about 4:30 or 5). We (my companion and I) then go jogging for 20 or 30 minutes, well jogging and walking in my flabby case. Then we head back home to shower and eat breakfast. Normally cornflakes with choco-muesli which is like granola only instead of healthy stuff it has chocolate! Then we study from 8-11 which includes planning what we’re going to teach people that day. Then from 11 until 8pm we’re out talking to and teaching the people of Frankfurt Germany! Which includes a whole lot of sitting on busses and trains, when we’re also trying to talk to people! Then at 8 we head home for dinner, which is always interesting. Sometimes we make really good meals and sometimes we’re eating cereal and yogurt. My companion and I both like to cook but there’s just not enough time normally! So then at 9pm we plan what we’re going to do the next day and at 10:30 we’re in bed which sounds so early but I am usually exhausted by that point, and quite often well before hand!

So that’s my life and it’s pretty much the same everyday but it’s super fun! I love my life, this is just 50 bajillion times better then school, just so you know. Don’t be jealous. If you would like to share this with Mariah, she can put it on my blog. She might like that. Well I hope your summer is going super, and you don’t miss me too terribly! Also that it’s not as hot as it has been here.

Liebe Grub,
Sister Carey

Friends from home....

Sister Robison, another sister missionary from our ward, left on her mission  to Frankfurt, Germany in July 2009. She met up with Sister Carey one week during transfers. It must have been wonderful to see a familiar face from home!