Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Missionary Plaque

I went to church tonight for the last time for Wednesday night's institute. When I left I saw this hanging on the wall. Guess it's official now.

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  1. So I still don't know who my district leader is and he's the only one allowed to pick up the mail. I'm hoping to get it later today but if you've sent me anything I haven't seen it yet. I think they changed my mail box... I don't remember but the number I have is 301 if that's not what you have you should change it. I would greatly appreciate it if you would get Mariah's and Sophia's address for me, I don't have either one and I'm not allowed to email anyone outside of family.
    SO, the MTC is crazy. They schedule every bit of time down to 15 minutes. So I always am running somewhere. P-day is a great relief because they just give you time to hang out and take pictures. I've found I love gym time because there's so much siting around that I just feel like I'm not doing anything and then they try to feed you and the portions are always large, so I'm eating about half of every meal and never feel hungry. The food's really good though, I'm just can't eat very much. The sisters in my district probably think I'm anorexic or something, but I'm just not doing enough!. so we went to the gym yesterday and I ran a mile on the elliptical. It was amazing! I'm also living on the 4th floor of my building so I try and move a little faster than normal up the stairs. Luckily we aren't allowed to use the elevator. It's a really weird combination of being completely exhausted and feeling like I haven't moved for a week

    I feel like I've been here forever already, it's really hard to believe it's only been 2 days. I keep making comments about how long it's been and then realize what I'm talking about just happened a day or two ago. I am going to be out in 3 weeks. I fly out on April 20th, which is fabulous because I don't think I could handle any more time then that. It's good though, just busy. Being fast-tracked is weird. They've put me with all the foreigners who can speak English already. So I'm not getting a lot of German practice, but there is an Elder in my class from Germany, the only German in the MTC. so I talk to him sometimes, and he prays in German which I LOVE! it just sounds cool. two of my roommates are Japanese which is interesting. they're sweet girls. I'm really looking forward to conference this weekend, partially because it'll be cool and partially because I get 4 hours of relaxing time.