Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I don't know

My Best friend is forcing me to write something. I'm leaving in 3 days and could be doing more useful. So here's my list of everything I need to do before Friday morning
1) Starting to pack. This one is very important. I'm not quite sure what will happen if I don't do this, maybe I'll just show up to the MTC with a big plastic tub, which is what all of my mission stuff is currently living in.
2) Watching the list of movies I swore I was going to see before I left. The list keeps getting longer and I never seem to get around to watching them.
3) Finishing the 3 different books I'm in the middle of reading. I've been a terrible reader recently, I haven't done much pleasure reading since Christmas.
4) Writing letters to all the people that I cannot contact through facebook, who I want to speak to before I leave.
5) Finishing the last few errands I need to run (banks, printing photos, buying supplies etc.)
6) Practicing my German which has been sadly deteriorating since December when I was last taking classes.
7) Watching the missionary instructional film the church asked me to watch 2 weeks ago.
8) Practicing Hymns because I know that I'll end up playing the piano in some meeting and my accompanying has not been of use recently.
9) Exercising. This has been a problem. I wanted to get into the habit before I left, but somehow I substituted eating all the cookies that we're made for my missionary farewell. Because that'll help me get into shape...
10) Finishing the blanket I made specifically to take with me on my mission. I started this quilt about a month ago and it's all put together all that's left is tying hundreds of little knots and removing all the pins. I'm trying desperately to finish this.

However no. I am blogging silly things. Because I am a loving friend.

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