Sunday, June 27, 2010

So the World cup started. In case you weren´t aware, it´s impossible to miss it here. Germanys 1st game was yesterday and we couldn´t get any appointments with people, everybody was having parties and the German flags are out in abbundance! I´m including a picture of me and Sis. Forsyth with our German "fan scarves" that come with a crate of apples.
This week´s been super interesting, we´ve had more appointments fall out than actually went through! But it´s still really good. It´s finally warm which I´m so greatful for, we had a couple day of scorching heat+humidy which was tough, but now it´s just pretty perfect. We spent most of the afternoon yesterday walking (or sometimes jogging. Urgency in the work!) around this gorgeous neighbourhood trying to find a referal with no address, just a general area (We did find them, but they weren´t home) It was really nice though, Roses everywhere! It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Sister Forsyth and I have decided to try and only speak German, which is quite an undertaking. It´s beginning to turn into only German, except when there´s a word in English we just like better. I´ve started making up alot of words. German tends to be so literal that half the time ít works and the rest of the time it´s just hilarious! It´s fascinating though.

We´ve had a couple thunderstorms this week. It´s been pretty cool, except when it´s waking me up in the middle of the night. We tend to sleep with our windows open and one night the wind got so bad that it was banging the windows open and close, and knocked over our cork board. It was quite a mess. AND I had to get up a 1 in the morning and close all our windows. Sleep is something precious, I love it. Lots. But they´ve been cool to watch anyways.

We´re working on preparing someone else for baptism. It´s really exciting, she´s nine and is so great, really smart. She´s going to have her grandpa baptize her, it´s just really exciting.
Okay that´s about all I´ve got for this week

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